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Minimal maintenance and a pleasing weight define the experience of wearing a platinum ring. Offering almost the same aesthetic appeal as white gold with the added benefit of resisting scratches and marks, platinum wedding rings deliver when it comes to style and day-to-day use. Serving as the perfect backdrop for both diamonds and colored stones, platinum wedding bands are an easy option for people who love the sheen of white gold and want the sturdiness that platinum provides.

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If you see a ring in white or yellow gold, chances are, the same design can be cast in platinum. And platinum rings have their own benefits, requiring less upkeep and cleaning than white gold, which is the traditional choice for people looking for a bright, silvery sheen. Our collection of platinum rings for women and platinum rings for men spans both wedding and engagement styles to pieces you might select to celebrate anniversaries or other milestones. Platinum rings last across a lifetime, just like Vinca’s designs

Platinum six-prong ring

Modern platinum wedding set

Platinum inset diamond ring

Platinum ring with black diamonds and pave hearts

Platinum ring with black diamonds

Platinum ring with purple sapphire

Platinum ring with purple sapphire

Platinum wedding set

Tapered platinum solitaire ring

Platinum diamond ribbon ring