Reviving a lost art: Jewelry repair at Vinca


We at Vinca invite you to do a new kind of Spring Cleaning: Jewelry Repair and Cleaning, all done in house, with the best price and craftsmanship in the Midwest. We’re offering 15% off cleaning and repair of individual pieces, and 30% off three pieces or more.  

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Imagine if your full jewelry box was in use: The ring your grandma gave you but is missing a stone. Pearls that need to be re-strung.The once-glamorous wedding jewelry that’s tarnished and worn. You’d love to wear these pieces, but they’re broken, or simply dirty or in need of repair.

Jewelry Restoration and Repair: How Vinca Can Help

Bring us your once-loved pieces crafted from precious metals and stones that now gather dust like unloved toys. Broken. Too small. Too big. Tangled. Dirty. Scratched. Loose stones. It’s a shame and it doesn’t have to be that way: Vinca makes it possible to make these pieces new again.

Jewelry craftsmanship is becoming a lost art. In the modern technology era, big brands have computers making rings with lasers and 3D printers. The image of a craftsman with a tiny hammer and eye loop working on jewelry is fast becoming a memory. But the is still how we do things at Vinca. And that is what it takes to repair your rings. A day does not pass when we are not creating, repairing, and cleaning jewelry, and we’ve been doing jewelry repair in Kansas City for more than 30 years. Piece after piece emerges shiny, polished and new, ready to bring a smile to face, be it for the first time or the first time in a long time.

Remember Where You Came From

Diamonds take 1-3 billion years to be created at depths of 100-500 miles beneath the earth. Unlike most of what we buy and own, jewelry is unique in that it really can be forever. Diamonds don’t fade. Grandma’s old wedding ring can rise again as a symbol of the everlasting love of her granddaughter. With a little time and attention, most pieces can be restored to their original beauty or enhanced to match today’s fashion. It should never be thrown away or buried in an old shoe box.

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