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At Vinca, we don’t just design our own jewelry in house, we craft pieces from scratch as well. From mixing gold to casting rings, our artisans are highly experienced with every aspect of the jewelry making process. And that means that when it comes to jewelry repair, we have some of the best hands in the business working on your most valuable possessions. Come to Vinca, and we’ll give your jewelry repairs the white glove treatment.

Diamond Jewelry repairing at Vinca

At Vinca, We Value Craft

As craftspeople fluent in working with platinum, palladium, and all types of gold, Vinca is ready to take on any jewelry repair challenge that comes our way. Depending on the jewelry repair, we may even be able to fix your necklace, pendant, rings, or earrings on the spot. In general, for pieces needing more work, we typically don’t need more than a week.

In-house Jewelry Repair

Because we do our jewelry repair in house, you know you’ll find the the best price at Vinca, because the pieces don’t need to be sent out to an unknown third party. And we’re tenacious in finding solutions to any jewelry challenge that comes our way. Chances are, we’ve seen the jewelry repair situation you’re facing before, and we’ll deftly bring it back to its original state – or make it even better.

Our motto: Better Than New

At Vinca, we pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating all jewelry repair work into the original design of the piece, similar to the way a master welder leaves no signs of the seams on the metal. From clasps to pearl restringing, breakages to stone resetting, we are your jewelry repair partner in keeping your pieces looking and wearing their best. Bring us your ring with a loose prong or your necklace that’s lost a stone – If you’re thinking of jewelry repair, Kansas City, we at Vinca are here to help.