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At Vinca, we’re ready to support our customers in financing the jewelry of their dreams. In our three decades of fine jewelry experience, we’ve found our pieces are competitively priced because we are design and craft jewelry ourselves instead of buying it from a jewelry brand. Our pieces are priced well below our competitors. When needed, we have financing solutions available to help you bring home the jewelry of your dreams.

About Vinca’s financing program

Financing at Vinca is simple: Pay half of the cost of your selection at the time of purchase, and we’ll establish a no-interest, 12-month payment plan that allows you to pay off the remainder of the value over the course of a year. This plans applies to all pieces priced $1,000 and above, and includes custom jewelry and other fine jewelry pieces.

This simple financing plan allows you to celebrate one of the most important purchases of your life, knowing that it is within your reach with a clear-cut payment plan. While we wouldn’t say we offer cheap engagement rings, all of our pieces are a very good value, thanks to our straight-to-the-source acquisition of gemstones and other materials. At Vinca, you know you’ll not only find the right adornment — you’ll also find people who care about how your purchase impacts your budget.

What we are not?

Vinca is a small family run business. Our business practices reflect this. We don’t offer an in house credit card or have an official engagement ring financing plan. We instead get to know our customers. Buying jewelry is a very personal process and through it we enter into our customers lives, hear your stories and try to help as best we can. We build relationships and trust with our customers and know that engagements don’t get called off due to  credit card debt, school loans, bankruptcy, bad credit, emergency home repair etc. We’ve seen nearly every situation in our time in business and have found that providing flexible  engagement ring payment options allowing customers to buy now and pay at a later time can help customers achieve their goals without needing to compromise with a cheap engagement ring.

Cheap engagement ring ideas

  1. Start small. Life is long and you’ll hopefully be married for many years. Starting with a simple gold band and adding the diamond of your dreams a year or two down the road to celebrate an anniversary is a great way to start!
  2. Sometimes, diamonds are not your friend. Swap out an expensive diamond for a beautiful sapphire! Sapphires engagement rings are in fashion right now so why not? Sapphires can be ½ or ⅓ the cost of a diamond and often look better. Great way to save.
  3. Moissanite: We have seen more and more clients asking for moissanite engagement rings recently. Moissanite looks similar to a diamond at ⅓ the cost and makes more sense than financing an expensive diamond engagement ring.  
  4. Start with a promise ring. Promise rings are usually simple bands, sometimes with a small diamond. These usually start on the right hand and can be moved over to the left when you get engaged. Using a promise ring for your engagement is a romantic and cheaper alternative to buying a new ring right away. You can always promise to upgrade later!

How much should I spend?

Rather than consulting an engagement ring calculator which in the end is coming up with a number between one and three months salary, it’s best to focus on what you want and how much you can afford. If these two things don’t connect, you can spend less, talk to us about financing options, or make more money! One thing you should never do is spend more because a engagement ring calculator told you to. Also never ask a car salesman if you should upgrade to a nicer car.   

Come see us today, and we can talk through how to make fine jewelry within your reach.