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Simple, stunning, and perfectly symmetrical, a solitaire engagement ring is one of the clearest expressions of everlasting love. As the ring most synonymous with engagement, many couples start – and end – their search for the perfect expression of love with solitaire diamond engagement rings. And for good reason: These beauties highlight the quality of an outstanding stone, and put the sparkle front and center, giving infinite flashes of light and sparkle the center stage. With the pairing of a perfect stone with just the right band, a solitaire ring can be as unique as you are.

Select Solitaire Engagement Rings

Don’t be fooled — just because a solitaire ring is simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t require the highest level of design. In many ways, the solitaire diamond ring is the most difficult to conceptualize: Many jewelers use solitaire diamond rings as a place to put their skills to the test, because maintaining the beautiful simplicity of the style while making it unique to the wearer is a highly constrained challenge.

Vinca, however, is up to the task, with more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of solitaire engagement rings on fingers across Kansas City and beyond. We start the conversation by sourcing the most beautiful diamond your budget can allow, and we move on to designing a setting that shows off the stone you have chosen. The real magic comes in the finishing touches: Perfecting a solitaire diamond ring’s every detail is what differentiates a great design from one that is just ok.

Vinca’s solitaire diamond engagement rings use only the strongest metal to make sure the stone stays in. And we look beyond carat size alone, balancing the size of the diamond with your finger size. Small touches, such as loops and whirls band, or tiny diamond accents, can often complement the solitaire ring style. We pride ourselves on matching the subtlest of details to  your personality elements and the story of your love.

Recommended stones for solitaire rings

Most people searching for a solitaire engagement ring have one thing in mind: A diamond set in white or yellow gold. But what many don’t consider is the potential for solitaire engagement rings to showcase a colored gemstone, such as a ruby, sapphire, or emerald. Imagine the stunning effect of a diamond in the center of a solitaire setting, and then replace that with a ruby or emerald. The effect can simply be WOW, so don’t be afraid to consider colored gemstones or even colored diamonds, such as pink diamond, canary diamonds, or chocolate diamonds for your solitaire engagement ring.

In fact, Vinca is increasingly seeing demand for colored gemstones in engagement rings, and a solitaire ring is a great way to keep a classic look when trying out an alternative option. In considering what’s right for you, think about looking beyond solitaire diamond engagement rings, and trying out some color. Whether you’re looking for that classic, white diamond solitaire look or something different for your solitaire ring, we’re here to help.

What makes the solitaire engagement ring special?

Solitaire engagement rings are the go-to for engagement rings globally. Iconic, classic, and suitable for almost every style, these rings are best for women who love the classic minimalist look with showstopping sparkle. A solitaire diamond engagement ring puts the diamond in the spotlight. To look their best, the single center stone that defines a solitaire diamond ring must be perfectly proportional and gorgeous.

In a solitaire ring, the simple design highlights the quality of the stone, giving the diamond’s sparkle and fire the opportunity to steal the show. Paired with an elaborate or simple band, a solitaire diamond ring can be just as exceptional as you are. Adding small flourishes such as a filigreed band, or small diamond accents can take this style to the next level.

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is the easiest choice if you are not too sure about what your loved one would like. A halo solitaire diamond ring is an easy way to customize this style, as it contains similar simplicity and classic styling. Solitaire diamonds work well with any setting, including yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rose gold diamond band rings.


Perfect Go-To:  The solitaire is eternal. Because of its simplicity, it is one style that is guaranteed to look as beautiful today as it will 50 years from now. By putting the focus on the stone’s brilliance and shape, solitaire diamond rings make an aesthetic statement on the hand of the wearer, adding a polished dimension to almost any look.

Show-off: If you would like to accentuate the design of an engagement ring’s, then investing in a good quality solitaire will put the focus on nuanced, carefully chosen details.

Perfect for your soulmate: Your one and only, your person – it’s not hard to see the symbolism captured inside of a solitaire diamond. Elegance and timeless simplicity of the solitaire diamond permeate the solitaire diamond ring, putting the focus on your one, true love.


Cost: Because the stone is the main event, a solitaire ring can be more expensive than other styles. It’s very common to spend more on the center stone than the ring. We at Vinca always recommend going for quality over carats: Having a solitaire diamond ring with maximum sparkle beats a lower-grade stone any day. To maximize your budget, consider adding two accent stones to the side of your solitaire center stone, or amplify size and sparkle with a halo of smaller stones. Either way, we can work with you to align your chosen style with your preferences and budget.

Popularity: The solitaire diamond ring is sought-after, which means you’ll see other people with a similar style on a regular basis. But don’t let this stop you: There’s a reason the solitaire ring is the most popular engagement ring style. It comes down to how the style is worn, and the personality of its wearer. Simplicity can also mean versatility in this case.

Custom Solitaire Ring

At Vinca, we specialize in making your custom jewelry dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we have been making engagement rings, necklaces, and  earrings that perfectly complement the people who wear them. Visit us today to design the custom piece that’s meant for you.