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Sapphires are one of Vinca’s true specialities. We’ve sourced raw sapphires at the store, and we’ve seen their facets come to life through the cutting process. We have access to the paparadscha sapphire, the rarest form of the stone, as well as all other sapphire hues. Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are one of our custom design specialties. When it comes to sapphire stones, Vinca is your source – from loose stones to set pieces, sapphire engagement rings to sapphire pendants, we invite you to view our selection at the store.

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Vinca’s Sapphire Jewelry Expertise

Sapphires have been a part of Vinca since we began more than thirty years ago. We’re familiar with every aspect of the sapphire process, from how the stones are mined to the qualities that make finished sapphires exceptional. Because we go straight to the source for sapphires, we’ve found that our prices for these beautiful stones are very competitive: Not only does Vinca have the best selection of sapphire rings, necklaces, and earrings, we also have selections that are within your budget.

Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are one of our specialties: Thanks to British royalty, this style is gaining in popularity, and we’ve long thought it to be one of the most stunning custom jewelry pairings. Imagine a sapphire center stone, or a beautiful diamond surrounded by tiny blue sapphire stones. If you have blue eyes, sapphire rings make them glimmer, and if the deep blue ocean is your design inspiration, sapphire engagement rings are one of the first places you should look.

Many people are surprised to see how they can integrate the sapphire into their engagement rings. At first, they tell us, it seems like a stretch – do sapphire engagement rings have the power to delight for a lifetime? We’ve found that adding sapphire accent stones, or even a sapphire center stone, is a way to personalize a classic style, giving your custom engagement ring just the touch it needs to feel truly ‘yours’.

Things to know about Sapphires

  • When many people think of sapphires, they think of a deep, royal blue. What you might not know is that sapphires come in pink, yellow, green, red, and more. There is even a ‘star sapphire’ which exhibits a six-ray star pattern on a cabochon cut stone. Vinca has all of these colors and cuts in stock and ready to place on your finger or neck.
  • Some sapphire stones have the ability to change colors, depending on the light. They can be blue in the sunshine and purple outside. Come see Vinca to witness this amazing transformation!
  • Sapphire rings are on the hands of royalty. The most famous modern-day sapphire is now worn by Princess Catherine. The ring was given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana in 1981. It’s an 18-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.
  • Sapphire is the September birthstone, and how lucky for these babies – they have so many sapphire colors and sapphire styles to choose from!
  • The sapphire color comes from the trace elements in corundum, a mineral. When corundum contains iron and titanium, sapphires are blue. Chromium makes the stone in your sapphire ring turn pink, and an even higher concentration of chromium turns it a deep ruby red.
  • The paparadscha sapphire is the rarest form of the stone. It’s named after the color of the lotus blossom. It has a pinkish orange glow and can be a beautiful alternative engagement ring stone. Vinca has a trusted paparadscha source, and we’ve put beautiful paparadscha sapphire engagement rings on the hands of many of our customers.

What makes sapphire engagement rings special 

Whether you choose a sapphire center stone or a beautiful ring with sapphire accents, this gem that ranges the spectrum of rainbow colors is special. It’s no wonder, then sapphires have been the most popular gemstones for centuries, solidifying their place in the big four’, which also includes rubies, emeralds and diamonds. More and more, sapphires serve as not only accents, but even center stones for engagement rings, bringing a blue sparkle to a what was once the terrain of glinting white and gold.

One of Vinca’s specialities is sapphire and diamond engagement rings. If you find yourself reaching for a blue sapphire ring, then you are independent with an eye for style –like history’s well-known royal who owned a blue sapphire engagement ring, the gorgeous Princess Diana.

Thanks to British royalty, sapphire rings have quickly become popular and in-demand. Picture a sapphire center stone, or a beautiful diamond surrounded by tiny blue sapphire gemstones making your blue eyes gleam. If the deep blue ocean inspires you, blue sapphire engagement rings are just what you need. From kings and the clergy sporting sapphires, while signing treaties as a sign of good luck to the traditional 45th-anniversary gift, sapphires have an old-world romance feel.

Blue sapphires are arresting and captivating. You can lose yourself in the blue depths of this beautiful gemstone. Lore says the ancient Persians thought the Earth rested on a blue sapphire, a color reflected in the sky. The sapphire symbolizes loyalty, trust and belief, making it a true sign of your love. The third hardest mineral after diamond and moissanite, sapphire rings can withstand wear and look just as good today as they will 50 years from now.

Natural sapphires are available in yellow, purple, orange and green. Parti-sapphires are known to be available in two or more colors. The ‘star sapphire exhibits a six-ray star pattern on a cabochon cut stone. Vinca has all these colors and cuts in stock and ready to place on your finger or neck.

Outside its royal undertones, a blue sapphire engagement ring is a classic yet unusual choice. This sapphire ring will be a constant accessory, regardless of what you wear.

At Vinca we’ve found that adding sapphire accent stones, or even a sapphire center stone, is a way to personalize a timeless style, giving your custom engagement ring just the touch, it needs to feel ‘yours’.


Versatile: Sapphires are versatile and can be worn as rings, earrings, pendants and more. They can be used as large center stones, where diamonds or other gemstones are added as accents. These sapphires work well with subtle, neat designs or traditional, vintage settings as well.

Affordable: Buying a solitaire diamond ring may be expensive. However, getting a mix of sapphires and diamonds for your ring can make it affordable. If you want to make a splash with your jewelry without going beyond your budget, a sapphire engagement ring is the one to opt for.

Popular and Desirable: Sapphires have been a favorite of the royals for centuries, the sapphires were said to have curative and shielding powers symbolizing wisdom and honesty. Thanks to Kate Middleton sporting the sapphire ring, a sapphire engagement ring has become popular and desirable especially for its rich color and strength.


Fragile: Though harder than other gemstones such as rubies and emeralds, sapphires chip and scratch more easily than diamonds.

Low fluorescence:  Sapphires do not refract light as much as diamonds. While diamonds are more brilliant, most people who select a sapphire value the stone for its color. The trace elements present in corundum define the color of the sapphire.

No sparkle: Unlike diamonds that sparkle and shine in all light conditions, not all sapphires shine. A white sapphire ring may not sparkle if it is dirty or needs polishing.

Custom Sapphire Rings

At Vinca, we specialize in making your custom jewelry dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we have been making engagement rings, necklaces, and  earrings that perfectly complement the people who wear them. Visit us today to design the custom piece that’s meant for you.