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Steeped in historical signifance, pear shaped diamonds suit those who are looking for the best of both worlds: The old and the new, the round and the marquise. Yes, these diamonds blend together the brilliance of a round diamond with the tapered edge of a marquise, creating a beautiful teardrop shape that can be worn up or down, you decide the direction. If you’re looking to wear a pear shaped engagement ring, custom is almost a requirement: With the wrong setting, this gorgeous ‘fancy cut’ can chip or display the dreaded bowtie effect, casting a shadow on an otherwise splendid, sparkling stone.

Select Pear Cut Rings

The pear cut has been around since the 1400s, and pear jewelry has reached sizes of up to – hold your breath – 503 carats, a distinction that goes to a pear-shaped diamond set in the Imperial Scepter of the Crown Jewels, also known as the Great Star of Africa. While we at Vinca wouldn’t recommend wearing such a heavy pear engagement ring on your finger, it’s interesting to see that a pear ring also graces the fingers of Victoria Beckham, Katherine Heigl, and Jessica Simpson.

Pear cuts are particularly well suited to colored diamonds, as they retain color well. So think of the flavor of pear jewelry that you’re looking for, and bite into it! A pear cut is a perfect place to experiment with pink or canary diamonds as a center stone. You might be surprised to see how a chocolate-colored stone can appear classic when used as the center stone in a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Recommended Settings

This regal, unique ring calls out for an experienced jewelry well-versed in custom design. Because one axis of the ring is not symmetrical, extra care needs to be taken to match the positioning of the setting in relationship to the ring, and the other supporting elements on your pear shaped engagement ring complement the style instead of competing with it.

You’ll also need a custom jeweler’s help in determining the right length to width ratio. This is determined by your personal preference, but also by your finger and hand shape. Certain pear engagement ring proportions look better on some digits than others.

A pear-shaped diamond setting also needs to account for the point at the end of the stone. Unlike princess cuts, which appear square but actually have slightly rounded edges, pear rings have a true point at the end that must be protected or shielded from knocks against hard surfaces. Vinca can help you choose a beautiful, practical setting that allows you to enjoy your pear engagement ring for a lifetime, and maintains its condition for the next generation.

What makes the style special

A mix of the round and gorgeous marquise cuts, the pear cut offers the best of both the shapes in forming its unique shape. As one of the oldest diamond shapes, the pear-shaped diamond was introduced in the 1400s. For those who love vintage and a touch of history in a modern setting, a pear-shaped engagement ring is perfect.

The pear-shaped diamond engagement ring’s extended shape has a slenderizing effect, which makes it a great fit for both rings and earrings. The pear-shaped diamond is one of the most tailorable shapes available, as there are different stone girths available. Slim pear cut diamonds look especially elegant on drop earrings, while those with wider widths make for a stunning engagement ring.

Also called the teardrop cut, one of the most well-known pear-shaped diamonds is the Great Star of Africa set in the Imperial Scepter of the Crown Jewels, coming in at 503 carats. What’s more celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Simpson also sport pear-shaped engagement rings. Though not as popular as the round cut or the cushion cut, the pear-shaped diamond is modern with a touch of vintage.  

Of course, the pear shape pairs well with colored diamonds, considering the stones retain color. Selecting a colored diamond pear-shaped engagement ring can set you apart from others. Remember: the pear shape makes your fingers look long and slender. What’s more, because many go for a pear- cut diamond, it is not as expensive as the other cuts. So, it’s a win-win when you can have a unique pear engagement ring designed with a pink or canary diamond as the center stone.


Unusual Shape: If you plan on picking a pear-shaped diamond cut engagement ring, then you know you’re buying an unusual cut. This means your ring and diamond will not be the same as others, and the lunchtime conversations on comparing rings that look the same will cease. This cut is good for confident women who don’t mind veering a little from the norm.  

Shape Changes Based on the Direction of the Point: Usually, the pointed tip of the pear-shaped diamond faces the wearer. However, if the point faces away from the wearer then the diamond becomes a teardrop. Within one engagement ring, the pear-shaped cut can have two different diamond styles.

Unique Designs: The pear-shaped diamond can be easily used as the center stone in a beautiful antique design that is inspired by history. Since they tend to retain color, you can also opt for colored diamonds that can hide the bow-tie effect – a shadowing inside the ring that pear-shaped diamonds are said to have – and make for a unique pear engagement ring.

Slimming Effect: If you want your fingers to look slim and long, then pick the pear cut diamond. The elongated shape of the ring makes the ring finger appear longer and leaner whether it’s worn with the point down or away from the body. The way its worn will depend on your personal preference.

Lower Cost: Because there is less demand for the unique pear-shaped engagement ring, the price of the diamonds that serve as the center stone is relatively less than their brilliant-cut counterparts. Remember that the price of the total ring is based on the diamond and the base metal used for the ring.


Bow-Tie Effect: The bow-tie effect where the center of the diamond is usually darker than the tip often mars the fluorescence and sparkle that define the stone’s brilliance. Though some feel the light to dark shadow adds character, there are many who don’t want anything affecting the shine in the diamond. The pear cut will have a slight bow tie effect, though in a few diamonds it may be quite prominent.

Proportion: A good pear cut is one where the upper curves are in proportion. In some bad pear cuts, you may see two curves that don’t match. Though it is not a common flaw, being aware of it will help you buy the best pear cut diamond.

Fragile Pointed Tip: The pointed tip of the pear cut diamond is fragile and can break easily. The tip is also the place where you can find the inclusions or defects as it’s the place that was nearest to the edge of the raw diamond before it was shaped. To minimize the flaws, we can design an extra prong to protects the pointed tip.

High Quality: You must buy a high-quality pear cut diamond like an SI 1 or H on the GIA scale if you are looking for maximum sparkle and minimum inclusions. Though beautiful in shape, a low-quality pear diamond will show inclusions.  

Custom Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

At Vinca, we specialize in making your custom jewelry dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we have been making engagement rings, necklaces, and  earrings that perfectly complement the people who wear them. Visit us today to design the custom piece that’s meant for you.