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Opal jewelry, in addition to custom engagement rings, is one of Vinca’s main specialties. If you’re new to opal appreciation, we can guide you through the world of these fiery, intriguing stones. Vinca is here to help you appreciate styles you may not yet know about. We are your partner in finding an opal that sits beautifully on your finger, in a pendant, or in a pair of opal earrings that light up your face.

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Straight to the Source

At Vinca, travel the globe in search of the best opals. Over time, we have become connoisseurs of these stones by going straight to the source. We’ve found ourselves in opal mines in Australia, which produces 95% of the world’s opals, to learning about the practices used to extract opal from rock.

Through these travels and our in-store experience matching opal stones with our customer’s preferences, we’ve developed a keen eye for these amazing stones’ mesmerizing patterns and display of colors.

Things to know about opals

  • Amazingly, the opal is formed by rain: After water seeps down into crevasses in the rock, it evaporates, and the silica that remains hardens into an opal.
  • Opal is one of a handful of gemstones to have been discovered outside of Earth. Opal has been found on Mars – there’s no easier way to travel into space than by wearing an opal.
  • Opals come in many colors, including black, grey, and green. Black opals are the rarest, and Vinca has a number of these stones available for viewing. All precious opals – those which display the color play that the stone is so well known for – refract light, creating winks of fiery color with each minute movement.
  • The opal has been celebrated across cultures, geographies, and time: From the ancient Romans to British royalty, the opal has adorned the likes of leaders and tastemakers.
  • Opal engagement rings aren’t out of the question. Couples looking to truly personalize their statement of love often find themselves gravitating toward opal rings, giving them the option to choose a stone with the fire and dynamism that defines their relationship.
  • Opal is the October gemstone, so think of it for fall birthdays. The Ancient Egyptians

Opal settings

Opals are a soft stone, with a relatively high water content, and an experienced jeweler is needed to set an opal in a way that protects its beauty. Because light does not pass through an opal, open-back settings for opal rings aren’t always needed, opening up a range of options that aren’t available with other stones.

Custom designing opal rings or pendants is one of the ultimate forms of custom jewelry: Because every opal is unique, pairing it with a personalized setting means you have created a statement that is truly one of a kind and never seen before, anywhere in the world.

What makes opal rings special?

Opals -distinctive, bold, and unique. Opal symbolizes love, passion, poise, and self-worth since they were first discovered. They are considered special gemstones because they display a rainbow of colors. One of the few gemstones available in larger carat sizes at fairly affordable prices makes it an approachable choice with loads of elegance and staying power

Opal engagement rings are one-of-a-kind and ideal for someone looking to make a subtle statement.  Couples looking to truly customize their declaration of love often find themselves gravitating toward opal rings, allowing them to choose a stunning gemstone with the fire and brilliance that describes their relationship.

One of Vinca’s main specialties is Opal jewelry. The opal has been celebrated across cultures, geographies, and time: From the ancient Romans, and Aborigines to British royalty, the opal has adorned the likes of leaders and tastemakers. The name opal was first derived from the Sanskrit word upala, which meant -precious stone and later from the Greek word “Opallios,” that meant to see a change of color. Queen Victoria’s preferred gemstone was the Opal!

Vinca sources its opals from Australia, which is one of the largest producers in the world. Australian opals are also called “The Queen of Gems”. They display the colors of the rainbow in an incredible diffused color pattern called -the play of color. No two opals are alike and opal engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking for a unique and original ring. Opals are truly rare – and sold as quickly as they are mined.

Opal signifies purity, optimism and is said to keep the wearer from harm. That makes it the perfect gift for an October born and your 14th wedding anniversary. Opal is known to amplify traits, whether good or bad. It augments confidence, self-respect, and helps you realize your full potential bringing lightness and freedom to your life. The stone inspires creativity and imagination, encouraging your interest in the arts. It is also considered a karmic stone -it inspires you to put out positive vibes into the universe.

Precious opals have multi-colored blazes that move across their surface as well as exciting body colors. Opals display colorful outlines that are called fern leaf, harlequin, peacock, and rolling fire with an enchanting appearance. Lore says Opals come from the heavens. Did you know they are the only gemstones found outside earth? Opals are found on Mars too.

Opals are formed from the rain. When the water seeps into fissures in the rock. Once the water evaporates it leaves behind silica that dries and hardens into precious gemstones. Opals come in many colors, including black, grey, and green. Black opals are the rarest. Only a handful of jewelry designers really work with opals, Vinca is one of them.


Colorful fire: Opal is the only gemstone that displays the riot of colors that are bold, distinctive and unique.  The play of color creates dazzling miniature rainbow shimmer effects. That’s why selecting an opal engagement ring an absolute treat.

Versatile: Opals are versatile and can be worn as rings, pendants, earrings, amulets and more. Precious opals can be used as large center stones, with smaller diamonds or other gemstones added as accents. These opals work well with contemporary settings or traditional, vintage settings as well.

Affordable: Buying a solitaire diamond ring may be expensive. However, getting a mix of opals with diamonds or other gemstones for your ring can make it affordable. If you want something unique without going beyond your budget, Opals are the ones to opt for.  


Fragile: Since opals are made from water, they are much softer than other gemstones like rubies and emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Mishandling an opal or using it roughly, will damage or break the stone. You must take extra care when it comes to opal rings.

No fluorescence: Opals don’t refract light like diamonds. Polishing the opal makes it shine with brilliance. However, opals are rare and valued for their display of color.

Custom Opal Rings

At Vinca, we specialize in making your custom jewelry dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we have been making engagement rings, necklaces, and  earrings that perfectly complement the people who wear them. Visit us today to design the custom piece that’s meant for you.