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Heart shaped engagement rings allow you to represent your love with the universal symbol for connectedness and passion. As a clear, simple, and sweet symbol of affection and devotion, using this special shape as the focal point of your engagement ring represents boundless connection and could even be the beginning of a family tradition. Imagine the heart cut as a common thread between couples in a family. A heart shaped diamond engagement ring can be the beginning of something beautiful, for you and for those you love.

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What Makes the Heart Cut Special

As the most easily identifiable of the ‘fancy cut’ diamonds, the heart shape is one of the most difficult diamond shapes to cut, requiring extreme dexterity and finesse. It’s somewhat of a metaphor, really, that the person who holds your heart shaped diamond engagement ring in their hands during the cutting process must do so tenderly, and with great care, before it reaches your finger. You’ll find that when you opt for a heart engagement ring, symbolic references like these abound, with the stone not only representing your love up to the moment it’s been put on the hand of the wearer, but integrating all future happy experiences as well.

With heart shaped engagement rings, as with love, bigger really is better — bigger than .5 carats, that is. Any smaller than that, and the points of the heart can disappear, making it so the shape isn’t as easily recognizable. We always recommend 1-2 carats for heart shaped diamond engagement rings, helping you to make the most of this distinctive style.

An experienced jeweler is crucial in selecting a heart shaped engagement ring, both for the style, and perhaps even more importantly, to ensure diamond quality. The stone must be evaluated for the potential of breakage because it is cut at unique angles, and doesn’t have the same established standards for cutting in place as a round diamond, which is much more common. Heart engagement rings also need to sparkle in the all the right places, something a jeweler like Vinca can help you to appreciate.

Recommended Settings

Heart cut diamonds are best complemented by a three-prong setting that form a triangle of support for the protruding elements of the cut. Bezel settings can also be used, which wrap the metal of the ring around the diamond, but these don’t allow for light to pass through, and therefore the sparkle is reduced.

Heart shaped diamond engagement rings are a great opportunity to add some colored gemstones to the setting. You’re going with a fun, fresh cut, so why not take the opportunity to add some color? And don’t limit your heart engagement ring search to diamonds. Consider a colored heart diamond, or have a look at heart-shaped sapphires and moissanites, which can also be cut into hearts.

What makes the Heart cut engagement ring special?

The heart cut literally symbolizes your love and your hopes for the future – in one word, it’s love. This pure sentiment is why the heart-shaped engagement diamond ring is quite popular. This diamond is a mix of the round and marquise cut. It draws inspiration from the pear shape and is considered a fancy cut. The shape is instantly recognizable, and for that reason, it is the to best set in a simple ring that highlights its unique features. To see the details on a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring clearly get a heart-shaped diamond that is more than .5 carats. If you require a smaller diamond pick a bezel or three-prong setting that will showcase the stone’s unique shape.

Heart-shaped diamonds are a demonstration of craftsmanship: The heart shape is the most difficult diamond shape to cut from a rough diamond. It needs extreme skill and delicacy. The jeweler working to cut the stone for your heart-shaped diamond engagement ring must cut it delicately with a lot of care.

This heart cut has become popular recently. A heart-shaped engagement ring sparkles in all the right places, and it is not as hard to find as a brilliant or princess cut, giving you a wider selection and better value. High-quality heart cut diamonds are in perfect symmetry, with the top arches are even in width and height.


Contemporary Cut: Heart-shaped cuts have a contemporary look. They convey femininity and elegance while rejoicing in the iconic symbol of love. If you prefer contemporary jewelry designs antique or vintage styles, then the heart shaped diamond engagement rings are just what you need.  

Low Demand: The heart cut diamond isn’t as popular as the other cuts for an engagement ring. The prices, therefore, are relatively lower and give you a chance to stand out from the crowd. Think of the traditional marriage vows: In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer – having a heart on your finger is also a constant reminder of the love that runs through the course of a relationship.

Exceptional Designs: The heart engagement ring is an exceptional design when placed in the right setting. The heart cut is striking and declarative as a simple ring, and can also look stunning when set in more elaborate designs. It pairs well with colored gemstones or a halo of other colored diamonds.

The Shape of Love: Nothing can symbolize love like a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. It is an extremely romantic gesture. Get ready for tears of happiness at the proposal: This is one cut that’s sure to make her cry with joy.

Made for a Solitaire Design: A few diamond cuts look better when they are set with a halo of other stones, but the heart cut diamond looks stunning set as a solitaire, which highlights its fancy cut. A large heart-shaped solitaire is sure to catch attention where ever you go.

Complements the Rose Gold: Rose gold and heart cut are a match made in heaven. Romantic and soft, yet lasting and true, this is a feminine statement of forever love. The rose gold lends a warm glow to your skin, and the diamond is a sparkling reminder of love and desire.



Flawless Cut: To get the best brilliance and fire the heart cut diamonds must be cut perfectly. They must have a ratio of at least 0.75 to make sure that diamond is in perfect symmetry. Work with a jeweler like Vinca to understand how this ratio plays out in the stone that you’re considering for your ring. Too broad or too long, and the heart-shaped diamond will be distorted.

Difficult Cut: The heart cut is precise and not a standard shape, which makes cutting it a challenge. The cutter must have the skill to achieve the sparkle and proportion required. Only by working with a trusted jeweler can help you see what makes a stone high in quality. At Vinca, we have the tools to give you the insight you need to make a quality heart-shaped engagement ring purchase.

Trendy: Other diamond cuts that have stood the test of time, but the heart cut is a recent entrant and may seem a little too pretty or fashionable. But like all other fashion, there is a danger that this cut may go out of style. Not all women like fashionable cuts, so when considering heart shaped diamond engagement rings, it’s extra important that you understand her personal style. Not sure whether the heart cut is right for you? Come into Vinca and tell us more about what she wears every day, her other jewelry, and even her taste in restaurants, movies, books, and more – we’ll help you hone in on the ring that’s perfect for her.

Higher Clarity and Color: Just like the pear cut, the heart-shaped diamond may also suffer from a bow-tie effect. Make sure you buy a diamond that has high clarity and no color. The shadow effect is more prominent in heart cut diamonds with low quality. At Vinca, we will help you find a heart-shaped engagement ring that’s both beautiful and within your budget – it’s one of the things we specialize in.

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