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Diamond band rings are a classic engagement and wedding jewelry piece – what better way to amp up the sparkle and significance of the pair of rings you’ll wear the rest of your life? At Vinca, our diamond engagement ring with diamond band sets are matches made in heaven, ready to light up the person who wears them on the day of the engagement, at the wedding, and throughout the rest of her life. Stacked together or worn alone, diamond band engagement rings represent infinity and beyond — a line of small galaxies looped around the finger.

Select Diamond Band Rings

Think of a diamond band ring, and what comes to mind? Do the diamonds stretch all the way around the piece, or do they trail from a center stone to the middle of the ring? Are the stones large or small, white or colored? Are you imagining a diamond band engagement ring, or a wedding ring?

In all cases, the vision you hold in your mind is real. Diamond band rings are as diverse as their wearers: The diamonds can form an everlasting circle, or they can cover half of the band. They can be interspersed with sapphires or composed of only white diamonds. A diamond engagement ring with diamond band from Vinca is customized to you, based on your style, relationship, and budget.

At Vinca we like to consider diamond band rings’ ‘secret sparkle’. This is the brilliance and shine that the wearer knows is there, but isn’t always visible in plain sight. It’s this aspect of diamond band engagement rings that many don’t consider — the special significance and inner beauty that this style speaks to.

Recommended stones for diamond band rings

Round diamonds or princess cut diamonds both look stunning in diamond band engagement rings. What many don’t realize is the power of a splash of color in these pieces. Alternating sapphires with diamonds in a diamond engagement ring with diamond band can be a simple way represent a feeling or subtly express personal style. Though considered a classic, simple style, there are countless ways to customize diamond band engagement rings, and Vinca is here to help you customize this beautiful style, shaping it into the ring of your dreams.

The geometric component of a diamond band ring means the style can include two shapes placed side by side. Imagine a diamond band engagement ring with round diamonds alternated with princess cut diamonds – simple and sparkling, it’s a style that would feel familiar while being all your own. When looking at diamond band rings, don’t stop at the version you have in your mind. Let Vinca help you expand your horizons in an understated way with custom jewelry.

What makes diamond bands special

A diamond band enhances a classic engagement ring while adding to its sparkle and fire. Available in pairs or as a diamond engagement ring with a diamond band, this pairing will never go out of style and adds to the elegance and light refraction of a wedding ring set.

Your diamond band ring and engagement ring can be a match made in heaven, with enough light to brighten the day of the wearer. And their appeal has deep meaning and significance, too diamond band engagement rings signify eternity and beyond, winding a forever story of sparkling stones around your finger. While the concept of the diamond band may seem standardized, there is actually many options for customization. The diamonds can run all the way around the ring, or end halfway down. The stones can alternate with sapphires or rubies, or remain a row of high-quality, sparkling diamonds.


Easily customized: Diamond bands can be easily customized and still maintain their classic look. These bands can be used together as a pair, either with an engagement ring or as a twin with another diamond band.

Amp up the sparkle: The brilliance and sparkle of diamond bands vary based on the diamond quality, and because of a large number of small stones, they tend to glint and gleam more than other settings. When you purchase a diamond band you can amp up the sparkle without paying a lot for a large center stone diamond. Wearing stacked rings creates a fire and sparkle that is multi-faceted and angular. A ray of sunlight hitting the stones can create a halo of brilliance surrounding the wearer.

Wear together or alone:  A diamond band can be worn together stacked or even separately. The look can be changed from day to day, matching your level of formality or activities at hand. Though the diamond engagement ring and the diamond band have complementary designs, they can still be worn alone.


More expensive: Diamond bands can be more expensive than gold bands because they contain more stones. This doesn’t make them undesirable, but it does mean you need to know why you’re choosing a diamond band over a style with fewer stones. At Vinca, we can help you get at that why and find a piece that suits your budget and style.

Comfort: If diamonds go all the way around the band, comfort can be compromised because the stones are not as smooth as a simple gold setting. To avoid this, you can consider a channel setting, which protects the diamonds with a line of gold or have the stones go halfway around so that the points that touch your finger are smooth.

Custom Diamond Bands

At Vinca, we specialize in making your custom jewelry dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we have been making engagement rings, necklaces, and  earrings that perfectly complement the people who wear them. Visit us today to design the custom piece that’s meant for you.