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Have celebrity engagement rings added to the popularity of cushion cut diamond rings? The answer is a resounding yes – they seem to be on almost everyone’s fingers these days. But the cushion cut isn’t new — it’s been around for more than two centuries and is a favorite design for most jewelry designers. Cushion cut engagement rings are growing in popularity because the cut gives a subtle vintage appeal, and offers many facets that help diamonds shine brilliantly.

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What Makes the cushion cut special

Cushion cut diamond rings have an unmatched romantic appeal, with their own sparkle and gleam. The edges in these diamonds are softer, creating a rainbow effect in candlelight. Cushion cut diamonds are considered timeless, and it’s no surprise they’re on the fingers of actresses and music artists these days — they have been an off-and-on style favorite since the 19th-century. Today, a cushion cut diamond ring with a halo of colored diamonds and or other gemstones is  very popular.

Cushion cut diamonds are amongst the most dazzling cuts offered today, mainly because the stone has several facades in the pavilion, or the base of the diamond. These facades (i.e. faces of the diamond), with their open square shape on the top, create a fabulous fire – the gorgeous prism effect you love about diamonds. This cut helps the diamond retain its true color.

Also called ‘old mine cuts’, the cushion cut diamonds of today have 64 facets as compared to the 58 facets of the old mine cut. The increased number of facets lend a unique richness to the diamond. Many of the famous diamonds in the world are cushion cut. Archduke Joseph, Cullinan II, and The Napoleon Diamond Necklace are three of the most memorable diamonds. Of course, celebrities sporting cushion cut engagement rings have added to the allure of this cut.

Pros of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Gaining Fame: It may not be as popular as the round or the princess cut diamond, but the cushion cut diamond is quickly gaining fame again. If you’re searching for a diamond engagement or wedding ring that’s in fashion now and will look just as brilliant in three years or even three decades from now, then a cushion cut engagement ring is a perfect choice. Some cuts may go out of fashion a few years later, but this is not the case for the cushion cut.

Antique is in Vogue: Just like fashion trends tend to come back a few years later, jewelry with an antique jewelry is in style again. More celebrities are sporting this antique cut diamond making it a trend that most would love to follow. Whether it is worn every day to work or at the no-expense-spared soiree, cushion cut diamond rings are here to stay.

No Sharp Edges: The cushion cut diamonds have softer edges, so you can be sure the ring will not snag on your clothes or knock against objects. What’s more, it won’t get tangled in your hair.

Diffuses Light: The larger facades of a cushion cut diamond diffuses light, which produces a stunning and soft rainbow. This cut is a beautiful match for people seeking a soft, glowing shine with a subtle and understated sparkle. Not all women want an ostentatious ring.

Good for Colored Diamonds: The cushion cut has large facades, which make it a good choice for colored diamonds. The deep, big facets help to showcase the depth and hues of colored diamonds. Moreover, you can buy a large colored cushion cut diamond, without going over your budget, which is not the case for many other stone cuts. A cushion cut diamond ring with a halo is a perfect way to showcase a colored center — an unexpected hue in the middle is surrounded by a row of tiny glittering diamonds, offering a unique and classic look all in one.

Cons of  Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Big Facades: Though cushion cut diamond facets are an advantage, they can be a drawback too as they tend to display even the smallest blemish and inclusions most other cuts don’t show. Such flaws can be easily seen if you plan on buying a cushion cut diamond that is more than a carat. You must choose wisely – and determine your budget – as big carat sizes may turn out to be a disadvantage in some diamonds.

Requires Precision and Color Threshold: To minimize inclusions and blemishes in a cushion cut diamond, make sure it has a certain precision and color threshold. To get a fantastic cushion cut diamond look for a GIA clarity of more than VS2 or an AGS clarity that is 6 or more. In terms of color, make sure the diamond is grade G or more for GIA and more than O.5 for AGS graded colored diamonds.

Good for Gemstones: Cushion cuts are more suited to gemstones like rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, citrine as the bold and large facets tend to emphasize the color of the gemstone.

Custom Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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