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Looking to splash out on size, style, or color? Then amethyst should be on your list. This surprisingly affordable gemstone allows you try out jewelry styles you may once have considered inaccessible. Available in sizes ranging from one quarter of a carat to more than 15 carats, the amethyst gemstone can be placed as a center stone in white or yellow gold amethyst rings, necklaces, and earrings. Celebrated for its healing properties and worn for centuries around the world, your amethyst jewelry will quickly become a meaningful part of your collection.

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Vinca’s Amethyst Jewelry Expertise

Looking for an amethyst necklace, or even an amethyst engagement ring? Vinca has custom-made both, creating designs that play off of the stone’s purple hue. The stone symbolizes sincerity and sacred love, and has been used as a talisman and healing stone by many cultures, including the ancient Egyptians. Stop into Vinca to see our wide selection of amethyst rings, or choose a stone and custom-make amethyst jewelry with us. We’re here to help you make your amethyst piece your own, imbuing symbolism and meaning into a piece that represents you.

Things to know about amethyst

  • Pick a culture, and amethyst has probably played a role in its ceremonies or religion. In Ancient Greece, amethyst was used as a talisman, and was believed to bring out the best qualities in mankind — as well as ward off inebriation! Some early Christians associated amethyst with Christ. And in Tibet, special rosaries have been made out of amethyst to promote clarity of mind.
  • Brazil and Uruguay are home to deep amethyst deposits, and each country is known for its own special hue. In Brazil, amethyst tends to be a light purple color, and stones mined from Uruguay have a deeper purple hue.
  • Until the 1800’s, amethyst was considered one of the most sought-after gemstones, more precious than rubies or emeralds. However, after large amethyst deposits were found in Brazil, prices went down, making amethyst jewelry’s sparkling purple radiance available to more people.
  • Know a queen or king in your life? Use the amethyst gemstone to represent their royal status. Have a February birthday in your life? This accessible gemstone is the perfect gift, as it is the February birthstone.

What makes an amethyst ring special?

Purple: royal, distinctive, bold, and true. Amethyst symbolizes all of these, and it’s one of the few stones that’s accessible in larger carat sizes for relatively affordable prices, making it an approachable choice with lots of styles and staying power.

Amethyst is one of the most treasured quartz gemstones and was once considered as valuable as the ruby. Amethyst is known to keep a person sober and guard one from the heady influence of Bacchus. So, the name was derived from the Greek word, amethystos i.e. ‘not drunk’. Amethyst is quite hard and isn’t prone to chips and damage. It is available in various hues from the reddish-purple and, lavender to a cooler bluish-purple color. Amethyst’s hue varies due to iron and other trace elements present in the stone.

Amethyst rings symbolize virtue, modesty, and honesty. Renowned for its therapeutic properties, amethyst jewelry has been a favorite among the royals for centuries since it was discovered in 2000 BC. Queen Catherine the Great of Russia loved amethysts and legends believe Saint Valentine had an amethyst ring with a cupid on it. This surprisingly reasonable jewel that gives you access to carat sizes that didn’t fit your budget before. Available in a variety of sizes, the largest amethyst geode is called the Empress of Uruguay and weighs 2.5 tons!

Amethyst works well with understated or more statement-making tastes. Think delicate earrings, small elegant pendants, or an amethyst ring if you prefer something simple. However, if you want to make a statement with your jewelry, then amethyst gemstones are perfect for a large, sparkling ring or a fabulous necklace.


Versatile: Amethysts are versatile and can be worn as rings, earrings, pendants and more. They can be used as center stones, where diamonds or other complementary stones are added as accents. These gemstones work well with subtle, uncluttered designs or traditional, antique settings as well.

Affordable: These quartz gemstones are not as expensive as other precious and semi-precious stones. If you want to make a splash with your jewelry without worrying about going beyond your budget, amethysts are one of the first gems to turn to.

Transforms negative energy to positive:  The amethyst is said to sober up vices, relieve anxiety, do away with negative energy and add positive vibes to your life. Fostering a harmonious union with your loved ones while making a major style statement? Yes, please.


More commonplace: The same material that creates geodes and crystals serves as the gemstone that’s placed on your ring. If you’re looking to showcase the cost of your jewelry and its rare qualities, an amethyst engagement ring may not be the way to go. But we at Vinca are fans of choosing the stone that you love, and if you love amethyst’s beautiful purple color, we’re happy to help you find a way to make it your own.

Doesn’t gel with every outfit: Let’s face it, purple isn’t a part of most people’s everyday wardrobe. Still, when set in the right way, amethyst can be surprisingly versatile, especially if a smaller center stone or amethyst accent stones are used.

Not in demand: Not necessarily a con, but a consideration: Amethyst engagement rings are not the most popular style, but it doesn’t mean it’s not the ring for you. We’ve helped many couples work amethyst into their wedding sets, and it can be a personal statement about your love or your beloved. If amethyst speaks to your heart, don’t be afraid to explore how an amethyst ring might work for you.

Custom Amethyst Ring

At Vinca, we specialize in making your custom jewelry dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we have been making engagement rings, necklaces, and  earrings that perfectly complement the people who wear them. Visit us today to design the custom piece that’s meant for you.