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The pearl’s lustrous radiance has mesmerized both men and women for thousands of years. Whether offered as a token of love or taken as a symbol of victory, worn as a sign of chastity or a magical aphrodisiac, pearls have been and continue to be among the most desired gems in the world. Ancient Greeks often wore pearls at their nuptials. They believed wearing pearls would ensure matrimonial bliss. Brides today wear pearl earring studs to add to their beauty and indicate the purity of their love. Pearl earrings are at once contemporary and timelessly elegant – a perfect balance of tradition and craftsmanship. They have a classic appeal, adding to their precious value and can be won every day or for a special occasion.

They can be paired with colored stones or, new styles of clasps. Because each pearl is formed independently, each piece is unique, delicately crafted and fit for all occasions.

Select Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings include a variety of styles from studs, hoops, to drop earrings and most are suitable for every occasion whether it is formal, casual, or wedding day vows. Tahitian pearl earrings add just the right amount of style to your outfit making you feel elegant, refined, and dressy. Freshwater pearl earrings are available in white, black, pink, blue, green, gray, cream and others.

How to Clean Pearl Earrings?

Wipe after every wear:  To prevent the buildup of oils or other substances that your jewelry may encounter through the day, you must wipe the pearls gently with a soft cloth after every wear. Clean with a damp cloth if required: If you find the pearl earrings are stained, then use a cleaning cloth dipped in a solution of lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Leave it to air dry.

Visit the jeweler once a year: Although you may wear your pearl earrings often, the buildup and dirt don’t help the pearl shine. Visit the jeweler to check the integrity of your pearl earring screws once a year and get them cleaned safely.  Remember, do not clean pearls with steam or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Both methods will harm the outer layer of the pearl.

How to maintain pearl earrings?

Wear your pearl stud earrings last as a final touch after you have applied makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume. Keep your pearl earrings separate from other jewelry. They tend to scratch and chip. Make sure you store them in fabric-lined boxes.

Don’t buy pearl earrings and store them away. Bring them out whenever you can, not just to enjoy their look, but also to maintain their quality. Pearl earrings look the best in a humid climate. Wearing your pearl earrings regularly keeps them from drying out.

How to buy Pearl Earrings?

  1. Choose the right kind of pearl for your earrings.Your pearl should be lustrous with a certain depth of shine. The highest quality pearls seem to glow. There are several colors of pearl, including pink, white, peach, black, and yellow, and all of them  
  2. Set your budget, and go for quality. A bigger, less lustrous pearl is not as beautiful as a smaller version with an inner glow.
  3. Pick the perfect size of pearls you would like in your earrings. Popular sizes are often within 7.0 -9.5 mm range.
  4. Understand factors like luster, shape, surface quality, size, color, and origin before buying, or go to a jeweler who can describe these aspects to you.
  5. Pick the right jeweler to buy your pearl earrings from. Check whether the jeweler specializes in pearls offers information on all pearl factors, and helps you get the best earrings that fit your budget.

Facts about Pearl Earrings

  • Natural pearls are rare and the most expensive among pearls.
  • Historically, famous American captains of industry often used pearls to symbolize wealth and power. This can be seen in portraits of Astors, Vanderbilts, and Fricks where women often wore statement pearl jewelry or simple pearl earring studs over extravagant gowns.
  • From celebrities like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton have shown a beautiful, well-chosen strand is  no longer just your grandma’s pearls.”

Custom Pearl Earrings

Vinca carries almost every color of pearls and specializes in Tahitian black pearls. In addition to black pearl necklaces, Vinca has black pearl earrings in both stud and dangle styles. Haven’t seen these stunning stones? You must come in and experience their play of color. Inside of the inky pearl is radiant flashes of shine. With blue, green, and red hues appearing, it looks as if the Northern Lights are on display inside your pearl.