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Opal earrings are unique, unlike other gemstone earrings. These earrings are perfect to make you feel like a queen. Also called the Queen of Gems, opal earrings make for a fitting gift for those born in October and your 14th wedding anniversary. Vinca’s selection of opal earrings features everything from statement pieces to tasteful opal earring studs.

Opals earrings can be paired with any outfit as the color of the opal changes depending on how you see it. Available in several colors like light blue, rich green, orange, red and pale yellow. Blue and light green opals are the most commonly used to craft unique earrings. The name Opals is derived from the Sanskrit word upala, which means -precious stone and the Greek word “Opallios,” that means to see the color change. Did you know opals were Queen Victoria’s preferred gemstones?

Select Opal Earrings

Fire opal earrings are known for their dazzling color display that tends to change before your eyes. Light refracts and bounces off the silica found in the stone making the Opals shine from inside. If you want to make a statement, pick stunning Ethiopian Opals or genuine opal earrings and watch heads turn when you wear them. These earrings make for a stunning addition to any look you want from casual, chic, to fancy and formal. No two opal earrings are similar, which makes them sought-after and treasured. Attractive, valuable and delicate, opals are spectacular and an approachable must-have.

One of Vinca’s chief specialties is Opal jewelry and Vinca uses opals sourced from Australia -the largest producer of Opals in the world. Celebrated throughout history across different cultures, and countries opals have stood the test of time. From the ancient Romans, Greeks to British monarchs’ vintage opal earrings have been a part of their jewelry collection.

Things to know about Opal Earrings

Gently clean solid opals using a warm water bath with a mild soap or detergent. Use a soft cloth or brush to scrub it. Do not make use of bleach, chemicals, and industrial cleaners. Other opals like doublets and triplets must be wiped using a soft cloth dipped in mild detergent and water solution. Remember, do not soak or dip such opals in water.

Don’t clean the opal earrings using an ultrasonic cleaner, as the strong vibrations can create cracks in solid opals and water infiltration in a doublet or triplet.

If your vintage opal earrings lose their sheen or get scratched, take it to the jeweler. Years of wear, scratches and scuff marks can make the opal lose its shine becoming dull. Getting your earrings polished professionally can make it as good as new adding life to it. Make sure your jeweler checks the claws and confirms that the setting is secure.

How to store Opals

If you need to store your opal for some time, simply keep it in a soft lined cloth bag for protection before you store it. If you plan on storing it for longer than a few days, then keep the opal earrings in cotton wool and sprinkle a few drops of water before storing it in a sealed plastic bag. The water you sprinkle is so that you can expose the opals to very low humidity preventing it from oozing water.

Facts about Opal Earrings

  • Australia’s national gemstone is Opal and nearly 90 percent of the world’s opal is from Australia.
  • The true origin of opal’s name is somewhat hazy; however, historians believe that ancient Romans called opals “opalus” which means the precious stone as there are opal artifacts that date back as 4000 B.C
  • Romans believed opals were symbols of hope and love while Greeks believed the gemstone could make you psychic.
  • It takes around 5M years to harden just one centimeter of opal.
  • NASA discovered Opal deposits on planet Mars in 2008.
  • The Boulder opal is the only opal that can display all the 7 colors of the rainbow in one stone.
  • Opals are an ocular illusion. When you see the stunning interior of an opal, what you see is a naturally formed optical illusion. That’s because light cannot pass through the gemstone.