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Earrings don’t always mean diamonds or gold, they also mean sought-after Emeralds. Emerald earrings have been the object of desire for centuries and continue to do so today. This stunning green gemstone has a history that dates to 1500 BC when it was first discovered in Egypt. With an unmatched hue and class, emerald stud earrings, necklaces, and rings make for a fitting May birthstone gift. Majestic emerald earrings will add an accent to any ensemble whether informal or formal.


Select Emerald Earrings

With its rich green color, the emerald earrings with diamonds are an excellent choice whether you gift it to your loved one, add to your jewelry collection, or gift it on your 20th, 35th, or 55th wedding anniversary. Royals and the gentry have sported emerald jewelry for thousands of years, and Cleopatra was one of them. There are some spectacular emeralds among the British Crown jewels. Not to forget actress Elizabeth Taylor’s love for the gemstone.

Whether you adore the rich green color or want to make a powerful statement, natural emerald stud earrings are a must-have. Visit us at Vinca to check our collection of stunning vintage styles or modern emerald earrings. If you are looking to customize a pair, consult our experts.

Things to know about Emerald Earrings

The emerald is made from Beryl and gets its green color from the chromium or vanadium present in beryl. The gemstone measures a 7.5 or 8 on the Mohs scale but is susceptible to chipping and cracking. This makes taking care of your natural emerald stud earrings vital.

How to clean your emerald earrings?

To clean your stunning emerald earrings, use a soft microfiber cloth to remove the oil and dirt collected on it. You can also use warm water and mild soap solution to soak your earrings in it and keep aside for a few minutes. Late use a soft toothbrush or jewelry brush to clean it thoroughly. Rinse it using lukewarm water and make sure there is no soap residue left behind. To dry the earrings, use a clean soft cloth or air dry it. Once the earrings are dry you can store them or wear them immediately.

*Remember, avoid commercial jewelry cleaners or an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the earrings as they tend to remove the oils the emeralds are treated with causing damage.

How to maintain your earrings?

Maintaining your emerald stud earrings is important if you want it to last for years.

  • Do not wear the earrings when you take a shower, go swimming or sleep.
  • Wear your jewelry at the end after you’re done with makeup and perfume, as chemicals in these products can damage the emeralds.
  • Store emerald earrings separately as they tend to chip and scratch easily.
  • Your emeralds may need to be re-oiled after a few years, however, it cannot be done at home. Taking it to your jeweler is a must.

How to buy the right emerald earrings?

  • Choose the right color: Emeralds are green and if the gem you select is not green, then it is not an emerald. The best emeralds have a bright green hue and are neither too dark nor too light. The higher the intensity of color, the more vibrant the gem.
  • Clarity of emeralds: Unlike diamonds, emeralds are available with inclusions. An emerald that doesn’t have any inclusions is not a natural emerald. When looking for the perfect emerald, find a gemstone that is more transparent and has fewer inclusions. But these gems are also the costliest. The inclusions in the emerald can help you identify a true emerald from a fake. Make sure you can see a clear image of the emerald before you buy. Do look for its jardin. Fake emeralds typically are bubble-like and have oddly organized inclusions.
  • The Cut of Emeralds: The cut of the emeralds must maximize the color of the stone, instead of its brilliance. Proportioned, open and even surfaces are ideal as they help to augment the color and shine of emeralds.
  • The Carats: The bigger the emerald, the higher the cost. However, a smaller stone with a vibrant color is more valuable than a large emerald with a light color.

Facts about Emerald Earrings

  1. The oldest emeralds known are nearly 2.97 billion years old.
  2. Incas used emeralds even before the Spanish discovered emeralds in the 16th -century in South America.
  3. Artificial emeralds were not formed until 1935 when the American chemist Carroll Chatham successfully grew his first 1-carat Chatham emerald. The Chatham emerald is on display at the Smithsonian today.
  4. Ancient lore says, keeping an emerald under your tongue would help to see into the future, protect against memory loss and improve intuition.