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Earrings are the most versatile among the jewelry options you have. They can add sparkle or shimmer to improve or dramatically alter the way you look. Among the assortment of shapes available, drop earrings are nifty and suit women of all ages. Earrings that hang just below your earlobes are called drop earrings. They typically have a wire hook that finishes in a small drop made using different gemstones like rubies, sapphires, amethysts, pearls, and diamonds.

Drop earrings are sensual, seductive, stylish and new! Diamonds drop earrings make for the perfect spring gift for those born in April. Uplift your day or night look with Vinca’s custom-made pearl drop earrings handcrafted from noble metals, with designs that are exclusive and feminine, instantly creating the picture you have in mind.

Select Drop Earrings

Drop earrings cut a graceful edge into space with its contour and shortened droplet. The gemstones at the end of a drop earring chain can be oval, square, round or even pear shaped like a tear. Drop earrings form a single unit from the top of the wire hook to the droplet just below the ear. They can have beads, stones, or gems all along the chain, or just at the end,

The modest yet stylish, silver drop earrings will become your favorite pair quickly. Simple enough to wear every day or sophisticated enough for a black-tie event, these beautiful earrings lengthen the neck and highlight your jawline. Moreover, double halo diamond drop earrings add just enough movement that is both understated and outstanding.

How to clean drop earrings

Take water in a bowl and add a little liquid soap. Make sure the soap is mild or alternatively use body wash or shampoo. Not the ones that moisturize. Immerse your drop earrings in the solution for 30 minutes or so.

Once soaked, use a fine toothbrush to scrub gently to remove dirt and oil buildup on the earrings. Since most drop earrings have a hook or drop at the bottom, take care not to jerk or brush roughly. It may cause a break in the wire or the hook holding the drop.

Do not forget to wash the dirt from the back of the earring where most of the dirt and oil residue may collect. If you an antique or a pressure setting, take extra care while cleaning. Once done, rinse your earrings completely and dry using a soft cloth. Ensure the cloth is lint-free. Do not use tissues as they may scratch the gems. Alternatively, you can also air dry the earrings.

Guidelines for buying drop earrings

  • Decide where you plan to wear the earrings. Pick the metal that suits your skin tone and face contour.
  • Make sure you pick drop earrings made from hypoallergenic metals like silver, gold, titanium or platinum.
  • Pick longer drops if you have a round face, or a dangly teardrop if you have a heart-shaped face.  Square faces look the best with round or oval drop earrings.
  • Of course, do not forget to fix a budget. Make sure you buy a pair of earrings that can be worn for different occasions and not just black-tie.

Where to buy drop earrings

Look for a reputed jeweler to buy your diamond drop earrings from. Check for stone certification and karat weight. At Vinca, we help you select the earring design that speaks to you. If you have an idea in mind, tell us and let us fashion the earrings you want.

Facts about Drop Earrings 

  • The drop earring style was worn in Egypt as far back as 1350 BC. Drop earring images were painted on the walls of tombs meant for the kings from ancient Egypt.
  • Marie Antoinette’s favorite pair of diamond drop earrings, that made drop earrings popular in Europe in the 18th-century AD are now owned displayed at the Smithsonian.
  • The British monarch Queen Elizabeth received a pair of diamond chandelier earrings as a wedding gift when she married Prince Philip.
  • Drop earrings today are much lighter than older designs thanks to computer-assisted jewelry design and creation.