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Amethyst jewelry is not just a fashion trend, it is known to transform a look completely, fashioning a vivacious statement. With hues ranging from subtle lavender to luxurious plum, purple is nifty and can be paired with most colors. It also looks wonderful on every skin tone. Whether worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry like the amethyst earrings or used in a healing process to beat negative energy, insomnia or nightmares, the Amethyst has always been the mesmerizing gemstone.

Select Amethyst Earrings

The mystique of the amethyst has captivated jewelry enthusiasts and historians for centuries. Customarily the color of royalty, the amethyst often adorned the richest and most influential sovereigns and rulers. Amethyst earrings are available in a wide range of royal purple hues right from twinkling lavender to deep violet, making for a perfect February or 6th-anniversary gift. With its striking color, the amethyst dangle earrings can be paired with any outfit offering just the right touch to transform your look whether it casual or a fancy formal affair. From timeless amethyst gemstone stud earrings to a pair of modern raw amethyst hoops or pink amethyst earrings, Vinca offers a wide range of exclusive handcrafted and intricate designs to choose from.Want to make a personal statement? Pick a pair of deep violet amethyst earrings that personify you.  

Things to know about Amethyst Earrings

Many believe the amethyst stone signifies the power of healing and balancing energy. The stunning gemstone has been the focus of many fascinating mythologies and folklores through history. Derived from the Greek word that means not drunken, the Greeks believed the gemstone could ward off the heady powers of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and intoxication. The amethyst gemstone is relatively hard and ranks 7 on the Moh scale. As it is softer and delicate it can get damaged easily. So, maintaining your amethyst earrings is important.

How to clean Amethyst Earrings:

A gentle warm wash: Caring for the raw amethyst earrings is quite easy. To remove the unwanted dust or oil buildup, washing it with a gentle soap without harsh chemicals in warm water is enough to bring back the shine. This can be done after the amethyst earrings have been worn a couple of times. Wipe with a soft cloth after every wear: For regular maintenance of your amethyst dangle earrings, wiping it with a soft damp cloth to remove the unwanted substance after every wear is all that it needs. Leave it to dry after cleaning it.

Professional maintenance once a year: In order to store the beauty of the raw amethyst earrings, getting it cleaned at the jewelers once a year will lengthen the life of the masterpiece.

How to maintain Amethyst Earrings:

Maintaining your amethyst earrings is not a difficult task. Avoid scratching or bumping the delicate amethyst earrings on any other hard surface can help you maintain the life of the stone.

To keep the amethyst color and shine intact avoid repeated exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals. Too much exposure and the color may change resulting in a lighter shade than before. Remember, wear your amethyst dangle earrings after you have applied makeup and perfume.  Keeping the delicate beauty wrapped in cotton is the best way to avoid scratches on the gemstone.

Surprising Facts about Amethyst Earrings

  1. The amethyst is the February birthstone, the official gemstone for Wednesday, Jupiter, those born under the sign of Pisces and the city of Ontario.
  2. The Greeks compared the healing power of the Amethyst to the mighty sword.
  3. Amethyst has been used to signify deep love, joy, modesty, honesty, and prosperity. It was revered as the Jewel of the God’s.
  4. Bishops traditionally wore amethysts rings as they believed it brought luck.
  5. Sofia Vergara, Diane Kruger, Elizabeth Taylor, Zoe Saldana are some celebrities who wore amethyst jewelry to various red carpet events.