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A flash of light with the turn of the head. The finishing touch to an outfit. The piece that brings your wardrobe from day to night. Earrings are both personal and transformative, and their ability to accent your best aspects comes down to the quality of their design. At Vinca, we are earrings specialists. We carry an array of options in-store, and we’re skilled at helping you find the pair that will make it into your daily rotation, or serve as the cherry on top for your special day. We listen to you, and together we think through how your earrings will fit into your lifestyle, making them a personal, meaningful way to express yourself in a nuanced, unmissable way.

Custom Earrings by Vinca

Earrings are the most popular forms of jewelry today, worn by both men and women, and often as a part of the everyday style. But choosing the right pair of earrings is about more than just your mood, your ensemble, or the occasion you plan to wear them; earrings must also go with the shape of your face, eyes, and hair. Earrings differ in length, size, type of clasp, the materials used, and what you choose to wear in your ears can transform your look completely.

Choose by Popular Material

The fit is almost never an issue – Earrings can simply be fastened around the earlobe to add a dash of style to your outfit. Created to move with you through life, earrings complete your look and add an accent to special occasions. Visit Vinca to see diamond earrings that complement almost any outfit perfectly or choose a pair that makes a personal style statement.

Yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, platinum, and titanium are some of the most popular materials used as a base to create earrings for men and women. Noble metals are the best as they rarely cause allergic reactions. At Vinca, we specialize in creating your idea into a pair of diamond stud earrings or dangles that epitomize you. From dainty small accent studs to large drop earrings we are known for our unique creations and intricate designs that encapsulate your personal style.

Choose by Popular Style

When thinking of earrings, there are a variety of designs to consider, including the classic round diamond stud earrings and round hoop earrings.Stud earrings set with semi-precious stones, an enamel or metal designs are most popular, If you’re looking for something more distinctive, there are plenty of other statement styles available. Vinca specializes in creating earrings that are rare and unique, including that pair smaller or solitaire diamonds with, gemstones, shimmering pearls, and opals.

From re-setting inherited diamond earrings to a modern take on vintage pearl earrings, Vinca has more than 30 years of experience in creating custom earrings. Some of our most popular styles include the hoop earrings, solitaire earrings for men, gold earrings, and diamond disco studs with opal accents. We also specialize in diamond drop earrings and gemstone dangle earrings. Visit us today to bring to life a pair that is totally you.

Choose by Popular Gemstone

Gemstones have played pivotal role myths and folklore throughout history. Some tell a story while others are believed to have unusual powers Each individual stone has its own beautiful and stunning qualities, just like the person who wears them on their body. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, opals, and amethysts are some of the popular gemstones used to create a stunning pair of earrings.

Each gemstone comes with a special folklore, birthplace, color, and meaning. Available in varied colors, they are found all over the world. Vinca sources its gemstones right at the source and can tell you about their natural environment and how they are formed. Each colored gemstone earring can be just the right finishing touch that makes your outfit pop or adds just the right touch of color to go-to little black dress

At Vinca, our gemstones earrings let your personal style shine through. If you’re looking for some colored sparkle for your ears, but aren’t sure how to create earrings that are distinctive yet personal, we at Vinca can help you to narrow down the choices to a pair that will flawlessly match your life and budget

Facts About Earrings

1. Centuries ago, men wore earrings more than women. Men’s earrings are still popular today, but globally, the majority of earring-wearers are now women.  

2. You can wear an earring in 9 parts of your ear, such as the helix or cartilage, industrial, rook, daith, Targus, snug, conch, anti-tragus, and the lobe. Fine jewelry is typically worn in the lobe.

3. Romans were the first to wear earrings with precious stones in it.

4. Earrings were considered a representation of social, religious beliefs, sexual penchants and tribal beliefs. Pirates wore earrings for good luck.

Custom Earrings

We specialize in custom designs and bringing unique pieces of jewelry to life is our passion. If you want to design your own earring, then it is the right place to be. Our design experts collaborate with you to put your ideas and thoughts on paper. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Earrings

How much do diamond earrings cost?

Diamond earrings correspond to the cost of the diamonds used and can range from hundreds of dollars to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. To keep diamond earrings within your budget, consider using diamond accents, or smaller diamonds. And remember, when it comes to diamonds, clarity is not as important, because the diamonds are further away from the eye’s view compared to, say, a diamond solitaire ring. Even with a lower clarity score, the sparkle is the same.

What is good color and clarity for diamond earrings?

For solitaire diamond earrings, S12 (Slightly Included Level 2) is the minimum diamond clarity. Choosing a diamond with a color rating of G or above will put the stone in the colorless range, letting the stone’s incandescent sparkle shine out.

How many carats should diamond earrings be?

The answer to this question depends on personal style and budget. Some people think bigger is better, especially when it comes to diamond solitaire earrings – and it’s true, large solitaires really do brighten the eyes and catch the light with every turn of the head. But you need to make sure that your earlobes are suited to a large stone, both from a size and comfort perspective.


Many people simply want a tiny glimmer of flash in their diamond earrings. In these cases, pave, studs or diamond accented dangles, hoops, or drop earrings are a great choice, and much easier on the budget.


If you’re looking for some sparkle for your ears, but you’re not sure how to narrow down your search, we at Vinca can consult with you to narrow down the choices and find a pair of earrings that will seamlessly match your lifestyle and price range.