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Thinking About Custom?
Here’s Where to Start.
Whether you have a specific vision, or would like to collaborate on bringing a unique piece of jewelry to life, we’re here to help. Tell us more about what you’re looking for in the form below, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

    Vinca is synonymous with custom engagement rings. We have been designing custom engagement rings for more than thirty years, evolving each handcrafted piece to the style and preferences of the couple we’re consulting with. We start with sketches, which breathe life into the initial ring concept and end with a piece of poetry you’ll be able to wear for the rest of your life.

    Sometimes what’s in the jewelry case doesn’t represent what’s in your heart, and that’s when you know it’s time to look into making your own engagement ring. Start with Vinca, and we’ll lead you down a path that not only fits your style and budget but lights a fire in your heart that will burn for years to come. Custom jewelry, Kansas City, is headquartered at Vinca.

    Custom Rings – The Vinca Experience

    Vinca knows custom. Our design process for custom engagement rings has three main phases:

    1. Share with us

    We want to know your inspiration, your dreams, the little details of your life or relationship that you want to bring out through the piece you design. Make an appointment or stop on in – we’re ready to pour you a glass of champagne and listen deeply about the significance and meaning you’d like to instill in your custom engagement ring.  And we have an amazing ability to design in the details that both speak to your love, and flow with your personal style.


    2. Show what’s similar

    Next, we’ll give you a tour of our extensive in-house designed settings and wide selection of diamonds, and we look through any images or inspirations you might have collected. Together, we’ll talk through the styles and details you like, getting a feel for your personal preferences and desires. Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the direction you want to go at first – after looking at the hundreds of custom ring examples of our work that we have on hand in the store every day, together we’ll quickly be able to identify the design direction that’s right for your engagement ring.

    Vinca-Share Whats Similar

    3. Sketches come to life

    Either on the spot or a few days later, we’ll share hand-drawn sketches of your ring. This special first look at the architecture of the final piece can be a moving experience, because it often brings to life the bedrock of a lifelong love. We are custom rings design experts, and that means being able to see what’s just beneath the surface, then visualizing it via the sketch process.

    4. Ring casting and crafting

    We cast jewelry in-house and tune the details of your ring on the spot. When you design a ring with Vinca, you’re getting a jewelry piece that’s brought to life in Kansas City, starting with the hands that make it.

    Vinca- Ring Casting & Crafting

    5. Enjoy forever

    Your fine jewelry piece will arrive to you in as little as two or three weeks, a timeframe that’s much shorter than what other custom jewelers are able to offer. Our in-house jeweler crafts pieces right at Vinca, and can make adjustments on the spot, meaning you get unparalleled service and care from start to end, and even beyond: Once you design a custom ring with Vinca, you’re always welcome to come back for complementary maintenance and cleaning.

    Vinca-Enjoy Forever

    Customer Reviews

    My fiancé brought me to Vinca Jewerly to let me pick my engagement ring. They treated us like royalty. I had and idea of what I wanted and they completely out did themselves. What I pictured is what I exactly got!! TU is amazing to work with and so caring. We will definitely be back!
    Wendee Converse
    I had my custom wedding band made here and love it so much. It's so unique, fits my style, and I get tons of compliments! Their staff are so friendly and are happy to make any adjustments necessary to make sure you're happy with your piece. My husband also had his band made here and we are obsessed! I also had a necklace made. It makes us happy to support local small business instead of going to giant retailers. We will continue to go to Vinca for our jewelry "needs!" 😉
    Becca Anderson
    My wife and I have been shopping here since our engagement, and love it. Tu, has always helped me pick out something beautiful. She is professional and remembers me when I go in for cleanings. This shop has a terrific selection and quality jewelry you can’t find anywhere else!
    Joey Alfino
    Truly a master of the trade and trust me, they can do anything! Your ideas, taste, and personality can be accomplished here whether it’s a simple necklace or your dream engagement ring. When you go to Vinca, you are treated like family and experience quality like never before. I’m so thankful to wear original works of art and beyond thankful for the years of friendship. Do yourself a favor and go to Vinca. They truly are the best!
    Molly Reitz
    We picked this place wanting to support a local KC business and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience! I had no idea what I wanted except to use my grandmothers diamond and have a ring that matched her band. They worked with us (and served us mascato!) until we found the perfect setting within our budget. They had a payment plan option as well and even rhadiumized the old band for me. The ring was ready within a week of us buying it but they were able to hang on to it for us until the day before. Great experience and service all around.
    Maggie Mann
    I have been a customer of Vinca for 25 years. They treat you like family. Whatever your fine jewelry needs they will make certain that you are pleased with the fi dishes product. They do it all from design to repair or refurbished. I can't recommend them more highly.
    Lana McGinnis

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