Anniversary Rings & Bands

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A fine jewelry purchase almost always corresponds with a milestone. Anniversary rings capture a couple’s love and commitment, giving them a have-it-for-always reminder of a relationship’s staying power. The anniversary rings tradition can start at the beginning of a marriage, and continue on through the years and decades. Choose your anniversary rings by year, or just select something you know your partner will love. Opening up a jewelry box is a surefire way to get a real, glowing smile from your love.

Select Anniversary Ring Styles

Every marriage milestone is associated with a gemstone or ring style, making it easy to commemorate love that has blossomed across the years. Anniversaries are a great way to help your spouse build up a jewelry collection that will not only delight her for decades to come but also serves as an heirloom for generations to come. By thinking about anniversary jewelry by year, you can ensure that you are creating a diverse and highly personal collection for her, one that will bring her — and even your children and loved ones — joy and meaning.

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Vintage Anniversary Rings

The popularity of vintage anniversary rings has risen in recent years. Vintage rings could be inspired by Art Deco, the Victorian period, the Turn of the Century, or more.

Three stone diamond ring

3 stone diamond anniversary rings are a classic anniversary ring choice, especially if they are intended to be worn in place of the wedding and engagement set.

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Diamond Anniversary Rings

A diamond anniversary ring is a classic choice, especially if given in the 10th year of marriage. These rings are often seamless matches with existing jewelry.

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Rose Gold Anniversary Rings

Love and warmth, fire and glow: It’s easy to see why rose gold is a perfect anniversary ring choice. Bonus: Selecting a rose gold anniversary ring warms up the skin tone around it.

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Ruby Anniversary Band

Looking at a 15th, 40th, or even 80th anniversary? Then ruby anniversary rings are the traditional choice. They are also perfect for demonstrating an everlasting flame at any point in the relationship.

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Baguette Anniversary Bands

Baguette anniversary bands can include baguette diamonds inlaid into the band, or set in an infinite circle around the ring. Baguettes are a chance to wear a diamond style that’s not typically in an engagement or wedding set.

White Gold Anniversary Rings

White gold anniversary rings match with any piece of existing jewelry, serving as a complement to an engagement or wedding ring and a sparkling highlight for any color gemstone.

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Sapphire Anniversary Rings

Sapphire anniversary rings are a chance to try a stone that many don’t include in their wedding sets. In traditional blue, pink, yellow, or orange, you can choose the color that matches her personality

Anniversary Rings By Years

While selecting anniversary rings by year are one way to narrow down your anniversary rings selection, they are just one entry point into discovering a piece she will love. She may want a vintage anniversary ring, to create a set of stackable rings that can build over time, or add to a jewelry set that includes earrings, necklace, and a bracelet. It might be a 3 stone diamond anniversary ring she’s after. Thinking about anniversary jewelry by year is one way to get the ideas flowing, but don’t let it stop you from choosing something that perfectly encapsulates your feelings.

1st Year Anniversary: Gold

Elemental, pure, the start of almost every jewelry piece: gold anniversary rings are perfect for the first year.

2nd Year Anniversary: Garnet

A glowing red stone to signify romance and passion. Garnet lets you wear your heart on your finger.

3rd Year Anniversary: Pearl

Built up over time from a tiny grain of sand, a pearl symbolizes love that has grown across the years – and beyond.

Blue Topaz Anniversary Ring Icon

4th Year Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Glimmering blue in all depths of color, like an ocean of depth and love. Blue Topaz hints at peace and unending support.

5th Year Anniversary: Sapphire

Coming in almost every color of the rainbow, sapphires allow you to express the character of your relationship, five years in.

Diamond Anniversary Ring Icon

10th Year Anniversary: Diamond

Pure, white light, a sparkle that lasts a lifetime. A diamond anniversary ring is a classic choice, for 10 years and beyond.

25th Anniversary Silver Jublee ring Icon

25th Year Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

The silver anniversary, represented in a ring. Whether set with semi-precious stones or polished to a sparkling sheen, this is your quarter-century marker.

50th Anniversary Golden Jubliee Ring Icon

50th Year Anniversary: Golden Jubliee

Half a century deserves something special, and why not create a connection between this milestone to the first-year anniversary ring, which is also gold.

Anniversary Ring Tradition

Giving rings for milestone anniversaries – such as 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and 25 years – is one way to start a tradition in your relationship and your family. There is beautiful symbolism in knowing that as the year’s pass, love grows and gets brighter. And what better way to represent this sentiment than with an anniversary ring tradition.

Some couples start their anniversary ring tradition when the relationship is fresh. At their first wedding anniversary, gold is exchanged, symbolizing the purity and newness of the relationship. As time goes on, the couple selects anniversary rings by year, and the jewelry collection grows along with the memories.

Other couples start commemorating anniversaries with rings and jewelry later on, perhaps when they gain an interest in fine jewelry, or to celebrate the true commitment that comes with a decade or even a quarter century of being together. It’s never too late to start your own tradition, and jewelry is always appreciated and even adored.

Anniversary Ring Etiquette

There are no hard-and-fast rules for anniversary ring giving, and jewelry is almost always appreciated, no matter the occasion. Still, if you want to show you’ve done your research and ground your anniversary ring tradition in time-tested practices, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Anniversary ring Etiqutte-Considering the engagement and wedding ring

Considering the engagement and wedding ring

Take into account the style and form of the engagement and wedding ring the anniversary ring will sit alongside, or even next to. A thin band could add beauty and light to an already gorgeous wedding set, by placing it above or below. And a statement piece could play beautifully off her existing jewelry by sitting on her right hand, balancing the sparkle on her fingertips.

Anniversary Ring Etiquette-Timing the gift

Timing the gift

Anniversary rings can be given at any time during the course of the celebrated year, but naturally, they tend to be anniversary presents. Presenting a stunning piece of jewelry on the day of your marriage is a great way to inspire tears of joy.

Anniversary Ring Etiquette​-Choosing the ring style

Choosing the ring style

Consider the style you’re going for when selecting an anniversary ring. People typically wear their anniversary rings in one of three ways: As an alternative to the wedding and/or engagement ring, as part of a stacking set of thin bands, or as a ring worn on another finger that’s meant to complement the wedding set. Once you know where she will wear the ring, choosing a style becomes much easier. Rings that replace the engagement or wedding ring are typically an ‘upgrade’ to the original, signifying a life built together over the years. Choosing a stackable ring gives her the option of wearing it with her engagement or wedding ring, slipping it on by itself, or building up a collection of thin rings over time. And ‘right hand’ anniversary rings allow you to full express the emotion you feel for your love: A ring that’s chosen independently of the wedding and engagement ring is your chance to bring your love to life. o.


Selecting the stone(s)

Anniversary rings are a great chance to branch out into stones she may not have in her collection, or you may have not considered. Stackable rings, especially, lend themselves to a fresh take on stone colors and combinations. In these cases, consider buying anniversary rings by year, or looking at the color of her eyes and skin. It’s amazing to see how a bright blue stone can enhance azul eyes, and the way rose gold imparts a glow to both her hand and face.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anniversary Rings

What to buy for wedding anniversary?

This is a big question! It all depends on the person you love, but take history as a starting point. Traditional gifts include paper, cotton, leather, and more. Over time, however, giving anniversary rings has increased in popularity – and we tend to think fine jewelry is the best gift of all. It’s something that lasts over time, contains symbolic materials and design, and shows your commitment and dedication for one another.

What are the wedding anniversary gifts for each year?

When it comes to jewelry, gifts by year are:
1st: Gold, 2nd: Garnet, 3rd: Pearls, 4th: Blue Topaz, 5th: Sapphire, 10th: Diamond, 11th: Yellow Beryl, 12th: Pearls, 13th: Citrine, 14th: Opal, 15th: Ruby, 16th: Peridot, 17th: Amethyst, 18th: Opal, 19th: Aquamarine, 20th: Emerald, 21st: Moonstone, 22nd: Spinel, 23rd: Sapphire, 24th: Tanzanite, 25th: Silver, 30th: Pearl, 35th: Emerald, 40th: Ruby, 45th: Sapphire, 50th: Gold,55th: Alexandrite, 60th: Diamond 70th: Platinum, 75th: Sapphire, 80th: Ruby

How to wear anniversary band with wedding set?

Bring your wedding set in to Vinca, and we can help you decide together. You can match an anniversary band to a wedding set, making it appear as one, or you can find a complementary ring with its on style, yet still matching the wedding set. Factors to consider are whether the ring will be worn on the same hand as the wedding set, or rest on another adjacent finger, as well as the possibility of stacking. Many couples choose to buy stacking rings that grow in number as the years pass, which can serve as a beautiful reminder of a lifelong love.

What finger do you wear an anniversary ring on?

The finger an anniversary ring is worn on really depends on the wearer. Anniversary rings can be worn as a complement to the wedding band and engagement ring, in which case they would be worn on the left-hand ring finger. Equally, they could be worn on the middle finger, complementing the style of the wedding set. Anniversary rings are sometimes worn as a replacement for the wedding and engagement ring set as well. And don’t forget the right hand anniversary rings. Worn on the right hand, these pieces allow you more freedom in terms of design and stone type.

When do you get anniversary bands?

Anniversary bands can be given at any time of the year, but most people choose to gift them on the actual anniversary itself. Typical milestone years for anniversary ring gift-giving include the first through fifth anniversaries, as well as every five years after that. But if a big life event has occurred in any given year, it’s a great time to commemorate

What are the marriage anniversary gifts?

A full list of traditional anniversary gifts by year is available here. But we humbly suggest jewelry on these occasions: It is longer lasting, more meaningful, and enjoyed forever.